Information For Parents and Legal Guardians

There are no membership or sign-up fees to join the Army Cadets and all activity and training costs and uniform expenses are assumed by the Department of National Defence.

The Army Cadet Program is open to all young people in Canada aged from 12 to 18 years.

A parent or legal guardian is required to sign a consent form prior to the registration of his or her child.

A prospective Army Cadet must bring proof of provincial health coverage and legal residency (Canadian birth certificate, citizenship certificate) when they apply for membership.

Over the past 103 years the Army Cadets have provided tens of thousands of Manitoba youth the opportunity to develop into young adults with a valuable tool kit of skills to take into their future careers, an appreciation of their responsibilities as citizens, and a high level of self-confidence.

Army Cadets participate in training on a minimum of one night per week with optional weekend activities during the academic school year, with the opportunity to advance to summer training based on their achievements and level of instruction.

Army Cadets are provided the opportunity to participate in marksmanship and biathlon competitions, map and compass exercises, as well as drill. He or she may also participate in rappelling, adventure training or survival exercises.

Other activities focus on developing their leadership, self-discipline and citizenship skills. Method of instruction, public speaking and healthy living courses are also practical components of the regular Army Cadet Program.

Furthermore, Army Cadets frequently enjoy sports, environmental challenges, and music instruction (pipes and drums, or band).
Every Army Cadet is afforded the opportunity to participate in a minimum of three field exercises per year.

"As the Maple, so the Sapling"

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